Baby Got Back…workout

Thursday is back workout day. But I missed shoulders on Tuesday because I was too busy settling into pandemic mode and the routine of online teaching.

I consider myself blessed that our district was ready to go on this, having warned us two weeks prior to Governor DeWine’s announcement that schools might shut down. That gave us plenty of time to touch up (or create) online classrooms, prepare a few weeks’ worth of lessons, and make sure students were ready to go.

Now, almost a week in, a routine has begun to develop, and I can turn my attention to my fitness routine. So – back day.

This is a pretty simple set of exercises for back and shoulders. My form is off, as I’m used to checking the big gym mirror to make sure my back is arched and I’m leading with my elbows. My arms came down too low on the shoulder presses, which I only realized halfway in. And there was an incident with the door and a set of exercise bands…you’ll see.

I have a set of 15lb. dumbbells and a set of 5lb. ones, too. Those and an exercise band were all I needed. Oh! And a clamp to keep the band from sliding off the top of the door.

Remember to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, and remember that I am in no way certified as a trainer. These videos are just my way of contributing to the community as we all work through crazy together.

Here’s the list:

3-4 sets of 20-30 reps each, depending on what you usually do.

  • lat pull downs
  • supported bent over rows (easier on my back + lets me pull more with the center of my back)
  • That shrug thing. I honestly don’t know the name for this one. My trainer, Bryon, has me lean forward with my shoulders rolled forward. Then, use your rear delt muscles to pull your shoulders back and squeeze the center of your back.
  • rear delt flys (I started to swing, and you don’t want that. Lift, don’t swing)
  • one-armed rows (lead with your elbows and squeeze at the top)
  • dead lifts (not nearly as effective with 15lb weights as it is with heavier ones!)
  • one-armed shoulder presses with an extra stretch at the top
  • standard shoulder presses (again, don’t drop your arms the way I did!)
  • around the worlds (I dropped to 5lb weights here because I was close to the end and tired!)
  • standing rows (watch the door!)

The important thing is to keep at it as best as you can. Now is not the time to let it go! As one bad mama jama said, “Save the Twinkies for the zombie apocalypse!”

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