Best Self – Defined

Our take

We thought we should take a moment and explain ourselves. The #livingmybestlife movement has taken social media by storm. It has attracted fans and haters from across the spectrum, and for good reason. Critics point out that the phrase implies you get to choose the life you live, when reality tells us otherwise. Supporters claim that the phrase centers around positive self-worth in an era where everyone seems to be going on about shaming someone else’s looks, life and choices.

For us, being our best selves is probably somewhere in the middle. No question – we don’t always get to choose what life will throw at us. Certainly, no one is asking for a health crisis or a deteriorating marriage or to lose a job. We would not choose any of those things. But that doesn’t change the fact that they will drop into our laps anyway.

What we can work on are the areas that are somewhat within our control. We can work to improve our physical health and to fuel our bodies with the nutrition they need to fight off illness. We can work on our mental health so that we are not devastated when life lands a blow. We can work on our social health so that we are surrounded by good people who support each other, not just when there is a crisis, but day-to-day.

Not so trendy

Being the best version of ourselves doesn’t have to be trendy or a hashtag. It is not about pursuing perfection in any form. That path just sets us up for frustration, stress and exhaustion.

It just means setting yourself up for success. If you’ve been in business, you have tried to do this. If you’ve been a parent, you have tried to do this. If you have been a nurse or a teacher or in the military, you have tried to do this. So do for yourself what you do for everyone else in your life. Seize the opportunity to be happy and healthy. That’s reality. Not a social media trend.

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