Small Business Saturday Meets Date Night!

Our last post was all about Small Business Saturday, and we think it’s important to show you that we practice what we preach.

So, in keeping with our commitment to doing one fun “thing” every weekend and supporting local businesses, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Niko’s Bar and Gyros, a well known local hangout known for great food and beer on tap.  Niko’s specializes in gyros ranging from the traditional lamb to the not-so-traditional smoked pork. Even less traditional is a blackened salmon gyro made with a high quality salmon filet – a great twist.

After dinner we headed to the intimate, 1000-seat capacity Mimi Theater located in Playhouse Square, Cleveland’s theater district. Our goal? To see Charles Dickinson’s A Christmas Carol.  This classic Christmas story came to life in the capable hands of the Great Lakes Theater Company, whose productions are always worth the price of admission.

The flawless adaptation allows you agonize with Ebenzer Scrooge over his nearly lifelong pursuit of the almighty dollar and his perception that Christmas is an unnecessary holiday enjoyed only by fools and the weak.  Certainly, a time to reflect on how each of us enjoys, copes and handles Christmas. 

The entire evening cost right around $100 – money dropped right into the local economy – and provided Kelly and me with a quiet, yet enjoyable, night out. 

Check out the production schedule for this amazing theater company, or find a theater troupe near you. Tickets make great gifts for that hard-to-buy-for someone on your list, and can give you and yours a reasonably-priced break from all of the holiday craziness.

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