Tent Set-up for the Tent-challenged

A Review of the Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Tent

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry – or laugh until I cry – over this post. Jeff and I were all set to share our absolutely laughable experience setting up the tent we bought at the beginning of the summer, only to realize that we had failed to video tape the show.

And show it was. Here’s why…

So, yeah – Mom for the win!

By the way, I wasn’t kidding about the ‘glamping’ scenario. We line the bottom of our tents with picnic blankets – the kind with waterproof backing? $10 each and no cold toes for us!

And I wasn’t kidding about the Keurig. Can I use an old fashioned percolator? Absolutely. But why go to all that fuss if I don’t have to? If we have an electrical outlet, we have coffee. Period.

By the way, that Yeti coffee mug? Best. Investment. Ever. Whatever you put in that thing stays HOT. For hours. Not that it takes that long for me to drink a cup of coffee, but there is a certain happy place that does not include drinking the ice cold dregs of coffee at the bottom of my cup. Yeti is usually too pricey for us, but I found the mugs on sale and snagged them. Still not cheap, but I would buy it again – even at full price.

So, we finally got around to this video, and it is probably the most realistic example of what happens when the average person goes camping that you’ll ever see. No fancy equipment. No making ourselves look better than we actually do when attempting to set up a tent. Just us. For real.

Now that you can see what the Tenaya Fast-pitch tent looks like coming out of the bag, here’s what happened when we actually tested how quickly we could set it up. I warn you, it’s not pretty – but it is pretty funny!

Once we straightened out the built-ins, the set-up went a lot faster.

A few final details….

So, in the end, from taking the tent out of the bag to the door installation, the whole set-up took us around 20 minutes – including the few minutes we spent off screen straightening ourselves out.

Despite a few struggles getting our act together, this tent was perfect for us. It POURED while we were camping in New York, and the wind was whipping pretty hard. But the tent held solid.

We were able to bring the boys, fitting them, two queen-sized mattresses, a little bit of hiking gear and ourselves with some room to move around.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases made through our links, so if you’re looking for a new tent, this Coleman tent is a great option!

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