Weighing Your Options: the Rise of Disc Golf

So, you are looking in the mirror.  You rub your stomach maybe suck it in with a deep breath or turn sideways, and think, “Man, I could drop a few LBS.”  That’s my typical reaction when I look at my 6 ft, 233-pound frame. Some days, I feel like if I look at food I gain weight. Then the mental debate begins – How do I lose it? Do I want to lose it? How do I look? Do my clothes fit? And the biggest question of all, do I care?  Knowing Kelly is ripped “weighs” on my mind, too. 

If you do care, this post might give you some new ideas, and maybe a little inspiration. If you are like me, you don’t really find inspiration by going to the gym, watching motivational workout videos, or participating in exercise classes.  Personally, I’m okay with the gym (although it’s not my favorite place to be), but the latter two? Limited interest. 

I need something…more. Something different. Given a choice, you will always find me outside. So I began to look for activities that allow me to be outside, but still give a solid workout. 

Something Different

And that’s how I found disc golf. A buddy of mine, Tim, invited me to play one day, and I was hooked.

Disc golf basket along a local creek

This is the point where you might need to change your mindset. Disc golf is not just a bunch of college kids and hippie-types tossing Frisbees. Although the 20-35 age group has been the quickest to embrace the sport, it is actually growing way beyond young people.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the United States. The PDGA has over 45,000 members, and is growing rapidly. There are league events with sponsorships, and ESPN has begun to cover tournament highlights.

So, what is it exactly?

Short hole (Par 3) vs.
long hole (Par 4)

Disc golf is very similar to traditional golf, only you use discs to traipse through a  9- or 18-hole course. Make no mistake – walking 18 holes at 200-300 feet per hole is a workout, especially if you end up retrieving your disc from the water or a tree. Not that I have any actual experience with that.

Courses are usually free and a set of 3 discs (long/medium/short toss distances) costs less than $20.  Generally, no reservation required.

A full bag of discs for any situation!

Rather than dropping your ball in a hole on the green, disc golf requires that you toss your disc in a basket. It’s tricky, but not as difficult as it might seem.

This is what it’s SUPPOSED to look like!

You can bring your own refreshments, walk a ton (this course spans approximately 1.5 miles – one way) and enjoy your time with family of all ages, friends – even your grandkids. Imagine how impressed your teenage grandkids would be if you had a birdiefest going on!

We walk close to a local course on a regular basis, and ran into a family just yesterday with two young boys, all outside together. In an age where kids don’t play outside anymore, and too many families are more connected to technology than to each other, it was great to see this family out on the course.

And if you are reading this during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the perfect sport to play while maintaining social distancing. You carry your own equipment, you’re outside, and you’re at least 200 feet away from anyone else. Perfect.

Working on Par

Rules or No Rules?

If you want to really give this a go, there are rules, which I’ve linked for you here. But if you’re just trying to figure it out, just go for it! Kelly gave it a shot the other day, just trying to get the hang of it. We didn’t follow any rules. I told her she was a natural (she said I was just kissing up).

Not sure where to play? Click here for a list of the top places to play in the United States. You can also run a Google search. Most areas have at least one, and the closer you are to a decent-sized town, the more likely you’ll find several.

If you play, or start to play, drop us a comment. It would be great to hear about your experiences with this sport – especially if you manage to hit par!

Disc golf – another way to be your best self – together. 

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