We're The D Team

Nope. This is not a blog about how to abandon your favorite hair color and let your roots hang out.

‘The grey’ could be that space in between our youth and being old – but if it is, we’re never gonna hit that. Aging is one thing, but we refuse to be ‘old’!

‘Seize the Grey’ is about realizing that we are way better at 50 than we were at 20. We fully intend to grab on to all that we are now – and run with it!

Where it all began…

In 1990, a chance meeting across the balcony of a 90-year old neighbor sparked the first adventure in the soon-to-be combined lives of Coast Guardsman Jeff and new college graduate Kelly. Today, after 27 years of marriage, two kids, a ton of life experiences and more than a few grey hairs, we like to think we are not just older, but wiser than we were back then.

The ride…

We have had our ride on life’s roller coaster, from the excitement of hosting four exchange students, to caring for Kelly’s father in his final years. But a major health crisis was the final push we both needed to seize every opportunity that comes our way and embrace it. Since then, we’ve traveled to Jamaica, Mexico, France, England, Italy and Denmark, and climbed mountains from Acadia to the Rockies. We’ve also explored our own backyard here in Ohio.

So, Why a Blog?

Along the way, we have re-learned how to work together, how to push back against chronic health issues, and how to love each other at an entirely new level to fit this uncharted territory we find ourselves in. We have had countless conversations with friends and strangers alike who say, “I wish we could do that!”

Our answer? “What’s stopping you?” And that’s the rub, isn’t it? When you’re a young couple, earning money and raising kids might be your focus. Once you hit 50, it can be health or grandkids or “I’ll do that when I retire,” and before you know it, you’re stuck in your comfort zone hanging out in your sweats. Don’t misunderstand – sweats are a-maz-ing! But not for every day. Get out there and seize the grey!

What Should You Expect?

We are absolutely NOT marriage experts, nor do we have all the answers about living life and getting older. What we can promise is to share our experiences with you, whether we’re cooking or exploring or traveling – or even arguing! We will laugh a lot, and groan a little. And who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to chat with you over a morning cup of coffee. So join us.

Over 50 doesn't mean we're on the back end of life. In fact, we're just hitting our stride! We love being together - whether with our kids, our dogs, our friends or just on our own. And we can't wait to share our adventures with you! So follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, and come along for the ride!

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