Honoring Our Veterans Should Be More Than Just a Day.

It’s Veterans Day today. Unlike Memorial Day, which celebrates those we have lost, this day is set aside to pay tribute to those who have and continue to serve.

Yet there are over 37,000 homeless veterans in America; nearly 700 here in Ohio. An average of 22 veterans commit suicide each day. 25% of active duty and reserve personnel seek aid from food pantries. These statistics are unacceptable.

Honoring our veterans needs to be more than a one day thing. A Facebook post. A click on Instagram. A tweet. We need to take action.

For Jeff and me, Team RWB offers both a connection and an opportunity to support our military brothers and sisters. And that is why we are taking part in WOD for Warriors.

Help us to help them. Join us this Saturday at Accelerated Fitness in Medina. If you are not local, reach out to veterans in your community. Donate gifts to organizations who support military families, drop off supplies to a veterans’ home. Send thank you cards to our men and women serving overseas.

We search the internet for everything under the sun. Search for ways to help in your own backyard.

Be part of the solution.

And to Jeffrey D’Annolfo, James Wallace, John Joseph and those in our Team RWB family – I am so proud of you all. Thank you – today and every day – for your service.

To donate, go to or click here.

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